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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  June 12, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and i woke up this morning looking at the news. when i seen his face, i screamed. heartache and disbelief after a state trooper is shot outside a restaurant. police are hoping this surveillance video will help them track down a killer. welcome to "news4 today," i'm kimberly suiters. >> i am aaron gilchrest. we knew the humidity was coming back. >> it's on the way, team. notably more humid today and it
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will feel like summer. not so bad quite yet, but into the afternoon you will have to gear up for upper 80s, and the high humidity content. straight up, 69 degrees. a dew point of 62. a warm and humid day in the works. i am watching the moisture off to the west over the ohio valley. we will watch the move here late in the day. and it's 67 in law plata. as you plan your day ahead with me, 86 by noon, mostly sunny. we will watch thunderstorms develop in and around the metropolitan area. highs easing from 86 to 84. >> a lot of people have outdoor plans this weekend. >> i would get them in earlier
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today, that would probably be best. >> thank you. >> he was great. he was very sweet, caring. he was always looking out for people. always smiling. >> this is a small community. we all know each other and he was just a good, great person. >> a sad story. a community in mourning today, a trooper killed in an ambush. his loved ones try to pick up the pieces. that trooper's name is wesley brown. there is surveillance video police are looking for in connection to his murder. there is a man being escorted
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out of an applebee's restaurant. he was being disorderly and would not pay his bill. >> we are hoping that somebody that was there that night remembers something and reports it to the police. >> police state man is 25 to 30 years old, 5'7" and 130 pounds. a reward of up to $50,000 is being offered for information that leads an arrest. >> so moving to see police searching every blade of grass for evidence. he was a man with a promising future that began to serve the community from a young age. brown was committed to give back. he developed a mentoring program
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in his community. >> i was just down, you know. it was like, you move a family member, you know, you have to cry it out. >> brown formed a youth mentoring program in his neighborhood when he was 21 years old, the same year he became a maryland state trooper, the youngest to graduate in his class. >> it's tragic. he didn't deserve it, you know. but when it's your time to go, it's your time to go. god had a plan for him, you know. he served him well and his community well, you know. >> he was surrounded by a large family, and he stayed in the town to be with with them and to give back by growing the next generation of young men. >> he saw the conditions that they lived in, and he understood the pressures that they had to deal with every single day, and
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as a result of that, he reached out to them to let them know it's a better life. >> wesley's pickup truck is now a memorial for those that want to connect with him one last time. >> the smile could just light up a man. i never seen the man lose his temper. a great guy all around. not only a tough loss for us, but a tough loss for the world because he was a great guy. >> brown was the 42nd maryland state trooper to die in the line of duty. in our next half hour, we will hear from his co-workers as they paid tribtd in a midnight vigil. it has happened again. police arrested another man accused of forcing a teen into prostitution. this latest incident happened at the garden inn in laurel.
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another man was accused of prostituting a 12-year-old days ago. >> reporter: it was at the garden inn where a 19-year-old woman said she was kept captive and force into the prostitution. and the police rescued her wednesday night after the friend contacted the police. the woman told police she had been with hernandez for almost two months. >> we received information that the 19-year-old was attending some sort of party in prince georges county, and there was an encounter at that point and he took her to a different location where he housed her against her will and threatened her and assaulted her and forced her into prostitution. >> reporter: once she was safe with police, the woman told
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police they could find two other women at the hotel. they say when she tried to leave from the man she called echo, he strangled her and pulled her hair, placing a knife to her throat. two days ago police rescued a 12-year-old girl from a hotel just a block down the street. the there is a program called operation escape getting hotels to keep a look out for prostitution. >> we are not going to tolerate it. >> reporter: the manager at the hotel said the 19-year-old checked herself into the room with a fake idea. >> it's not something that we're proud of.
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but this is something that we have been working very hard to take care of. >> this man living here with his kids say prostitution is obvious and rampant at the hotel. >> if she was, i didn't notice that. all she had to do was say something. she was out here every day. >> reporter: she never asked for help? >> no, never. >> reporter: police say hernandez threatened to kill the woman and her family if she fled. >> county officials say they will get tough with hotel owners and managers that don't cooperate with the crackdown. they could be hit with health code violations. mayor adrien fenty was on hand to kick off the all-hands on deck weekend. this is the second one this year
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and will continue through tomorrow morning. all available officers will be on 24 patrols throughout the city in an effort to curb crime. we are following a developing story in the indian ocean this morning. a french ship is en route to pick up a sailor. abby sunderland signaled for help. she left two months ago from california. she is stuck between africa and australia. the rescue boat should get to her around 11:00 this morning. and yesterday spirit airlines cancelled all flights because the pilots declared a strike. the midnight strike deadline came and went without anybody walking out. the company and its pilot's union are at odds over its
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vacation time. those affected by the flights could sign up for a $100 future flight credit. a developing story in arkansas. at least 16 dead after floodwaters taear across a campground. plus, changes to the gulf coast. and the first family out on the town.
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oil continues to gush out in the gulf of mexico. bp wants to sell the crude that is spilling to raise money for wildlife protection. the company is negotiating with a buyer. there is a growing debate about how much oil has been and still is leaking. anne thompson breaks it down in louisiana. >> reporter: before the riser was cut and the containment cap put on, the government says 20 to 40,000 barrels a day spilled into the gulf. but it's a fluid number. the first estimated 1,000 barrels a day and then 5,000 and
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then 12,000 to 19,000. it's an exx"exxon valdez" spill almost every other day. this is why flow rate matters. in order to have an appropriate response, experts say have you to have an accurate measure of how much oil is coming out of the well. it helps to determine how many people are needed and how many skimmers are needed and how much boom should be deployed. but this recent estimate does not reflect what is happening today. >> at this point the flow rate after the riser was cut is a big unknown. there may have been a small change or a substantial change. >> reporter: bp is moving in more ships to increase its capacity to capture the oil. it's now collecting almost 16 barrel as day.
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>> towards the end of june we will be at 38 barrels a day capacity, and that will ultimately be replaced by the new containment system. >> reporter: the new system will collect up to 50,000 barrels a day and offer better protection against hurricanes, but there is no system that can undo the damage already done. many of the tens of thousands people whose jobs depend on the oil industry say the band on oil drill something like pouring salt on an open wound. >> mr. president, you are looking for somebody's butt to kick, and you are kicking ours. >> the obama administration insists it's only temporarily. 6:15 right now.
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we want to check in for a look at the weekend weather. >> the humidity on the climb. we will talk about the weekend weather forecast. i have the scoop coming up. it's 6:15.
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we're following breaking news. 295 known as the bw parkway is
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closed because of a car crash. there is no word on injuries, although you do need to know it closed about 4:10. meteorologist, kim martucci, is with us today. i could feel the humidity just walking to the car. >> yeah, it's creeping up this afternoon, and we will take a stab at 90 today and tomorrow. the thunderstorm should hold off until later this afternoon. after 2:00, and probably not in the beltway until 5:00 or 6:00. and we have events going on across the area. a beautiful shot. good time to get out there if you are doing a job or mowing the lawn later. early is best. if you want to head out to de
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dulles today, temperatures between 87 and 90 degrees for your weather forecast. right now it's pretty comfortable for the time being, but that's slowly eroding. 69. the dew point will inch up and when that happens that's a sign the moisture in the air is inching up, and we call that humidity. currently it's 78 with a southeast breeze. there are storms across kentucky and southern indiana. we will watch for that mechanism to trigger a few storms mostly in the mountains first and then working their way here late in the day. the temperatures around the neighborhood is from 65. we will take you to the east here. clinton is 65. 70 at annapolis right now. and as for the goal today, 89 at
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st. mary's. 88 tomorrow. scattered thunderstorms and the water temperature off at ocean city is around 66 degrees. this will be the gateway to the warmer and humid air mass. it gets here this afternoon. and the whole system is just nearby today, sunday, and on monday. so each day we have a chance to lift the air and develop the scattered showers and thunderstorms. we stay in the soupy air mass so the humidity stays with us as well right through your monday forecast. let's put it in writing for you. late day showers and storms. a little earlier off towards winchester and stephen city. this evening, they will be all around the area. temperatures in the up you are 70s with rain coming in. during the overnight is the best chance to get wet. tomorrow morning it will be damp from the overnight rain, but we will have breaks in the clouds
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and waking up to testimony that's in the muggy 70s. here is a check at the extended forecast. we get close to 90 today and tomorrow and even monday. each day looks a tad bit unsettled. if you are looking for the pick of the week, this meteorologist is going with tuesday, 84. towards the end of the week, not bad. thursday and friday, both in the 80s with lows close to 70s. i think we will have opportunities to get stuff done today, but earlier is better. >> the guy sitting at the table with the glass is the greek festival. >> that was cute. yeah, well done. >> thank you, kim. we are now following a developing story from arkansas. at least 16 people died and more than 40 people missing after they were swept away in flash flooding. the search continues for survivors today. leann gregg has the story. >> reporter: another day ahead
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of searching for survivors of flash flooding in a remote part of a national forest. the raging water caught campers and fishermen by surprise, mostly as they slept in temps. >> had we known anything. one minute was raining and then the next minute we were eight feet under water. >> terrifying moments. >> we held on for trees until daylight, from 3:15 in the morning until 5:15 when it got daylight. we were just next to a tree. >> reporter: up to 8 inches of rain overnight thursday caused rivers nearby to rise more than 20 feet in less than an hour. >> i saw a tractor trailer truck wrapped around a tree. >> reporter: survivors clung to trees for safety and scrambled
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to higher grounds. and now the wait is on for the anguished family of the missing. >> the national weather service issued a flash flood warning at 2:00, but by then evacuation was not an option. there are no sirens in that area. 6:24. we move on to sports. the nationals are undone by familiar faces. the world cup has somebody scratching their head. good morning, everybody. your sports minute starts with the nationals and their three-game winning streak is no more. they are done in by a couple of familiar faces in cleveland. you remember austin kerns. he homered twice and drove in four runs for the indians last night. the national's pitcher served up three cleveland home runs as the
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indians beat the nationals, 7-2. and then in baltimore, the knuckle ball working to perfection. struck out eight in seven innings, and chris carter hit his first home run. and the 2010 world cup is underway in africa. mexico tied it up in the 79th minute. in other action, a scoreless draw, and the u.s. opens play in the world cup today at 2:30 against england. that's your sports minute, and i am dan heldy, and everybody have a great weekend. a group of people raised enough money to set up two giant strings to watch the world cup
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match. that game starts at 2:30. the president and first lady took in one of the hottest shows in town. mr. and mrs. obama headed over to the kennedy center last night to see the play "thurgood," about the life of supreme court justice thurgood marshal. one of our producers saw the show and thought it was phenomenal. the first lady pays a visit to a high school. why it was an emotional graduation ceremony there. we will also have more on the life of a maryland straight trooper and a search for a killer
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i was just down, you know. it's like, you lose a family member, and you just, you know, got to cry it out. >> a community in mourning after a maryland state trooper shot to death. the surveillance police want you
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to see in hopes it will help find his killer. i am aaron gilchrest. >> i am kimberly suiters. we have a check on the forecast, and kim martucci in for chuck bell this morning. >> we call this air you can wear. it's incoming and will be with us throughout the day. if you can cool off at a lake or pool, you will be in fine form. it is 6:30. great to have you with us. our temp is 69. warm and humid today. we have a chance for a couple storms. they will probably fire into west virginia first, and here they will take their time before they meander their way from west to east. until 5:00 really inside the beltway, we should have a decent day. it's 69, as i mentioned. we will work on highs around 89. it's a late-day storm possibility we have inside the
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beltway. i will talk about the rest of the weekend weather forecast, guys, in a couple. >> see you then. thanks. the search continues this morning for the person that shot and killed a maryland state trooper early yesterday. wesley brown was working security at a forestville applebee's. he was murdered by a man that police say refused to pay his bill. this was a picture of the man he escorted out of the restaurant. he may be the same man that returned minutes later to kill trooper brown. darcy spencer has more on the suspect and the search. >> reporter: the man pictured here in the light-colored shirt and glasses is being sought in connection with the murder of wesley brown. the photos were taken from cameras where the off-duty trooper was gunned down while working part-time security detail. >> the person that owned the
6:32 am
camera footage is a person of interest. it was taken by the applebee's surveillance cameras. >> reporter: the man in the video is the same man escorted out for refusing to pay his bill. minutes later the officer was killed in an ambush-style attack when he stepped out to make a phone call. 5'7", 130 pounds. >> we are just hoping that someone that was there that night remembers something, and reports it to the police. >> reporter: the shooting happened just after midnight friday at the applebee's. police searched the nearby apartment complex and talked to residents there with no results. police are hoping the community will help them solve this case.
6:33 am
>> there is no way to make sense of this. we have to do everything in our power as a community to bring people forward and to step up and to rescue whatever bit of justice we can from the situation. >> in these kinds of cases, you have to go after it. it's an attack on a trooper, and it's an attack on our society. >> reporter: a $50,000 cash reward is being offered to information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. darcy spencer, news4 today. ♪ >> police held a candlelight vigil of their own. dozens gathered to remember trooper wesley brown. >> i think he was a great example as to what law
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enforcement should be and what we should be like when we suit up every day. >> to the brown family, we are going to find him and bring him to justice. >> flags were flown at half staff in trooper brown's honor. >> the death has taken a toll on those that knew him and looked up to him. jackie bensen has that story. ♪ >> i thank god for the years that he allowed me to have with him. because he truly was a gift from god. i just want to say that i love each and every one of you all,
6:35 am
and keep his dream alive. >> reporter: friends family and citizens surrounded the family of trooper wesley brown, his mother and fiance of one month and his brotheres and sisters. >> without family you have nothing, and you can make your own family, and those of us who joined hands are making our own family, and this community is a family. >> reporter: the man who shot trooper brown as he was working off-duty security took him not only from maryland and the state police, they took him from the community. wesley brown was tremendously loved and respected here. he was supposed to take a group of youngsters on a trip of new york the morning he was murdered. >> his house, right across the street here. it became a house of hope.
6:36 am
we will not allow the wickedness of a demeanted man in our community steal of love. >> stay with news4 and for continuing coverage on the death of trooper brown and the search for his killer. we are expecting police to give us an update at about 9:00 this morning. a developing story in international news. tensions remain high on the korean peninsula. the north vowed to launch an attack on the south along the border. the north warns it could turn seoul into, quote, a sea of flame. this comes after the south blames a north for a surprise torpedo attack killing sailors.
6:37 am
arlington national cemetery will have a line open, a call center, after a report on thursday found mismanagement at the cemetery. officials said they cannot be sure where the bodies of some 200 military veterans were buried. again, it will be open from 8:00 to 7:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. the time is 6:37. most graduations have some emotion involved in them, but the ceremony from one local high school was particularly special. why the first lady was especially touched. plus, the face of an unfortunate accident. how a buffalo headla landed a g ♪
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welcome back. the "today" show is next on nbc 4. let's see what they are working on. amy r a >> we'll have the latest on the arkansas flash flood. a at least 16 people dead. we will hear from the ordeal and the rescue efforts still under
6:41 am
way. we head to the gulf after a growing debate how much oil has been and still is gush into the water. we are following the rescue under way for the 16-year-old sailor. we will hear how she is doing. a very special delivery. a baby boy brought into the world by his own father. wait until you hear how and where that delivery took place. those stories and more when we see you later today. aaron, back to you. >> you got our attention. thank you. the graduates of anacostia high school in southeast will never forget their commencement speaker. first lady, michelle obama, spoke at their graduation yesterday. >> reporter: as first lady, michelle obama, took the stage, the crowd roared with excite many.
6:42 am
mrs. obama's speech shifted to the graduates of the high school. >> i want you to be proud of what you accomplished to get here today, because i know your families are proud of you and your teachers are proud of you, and i am so proud of you all. i really am. >> reporter: mrs. obama noticed the dramatic turn around after first visiting what was considered at the time the worse public high school in d.c. but the school has gone from graduating half of the senior class to graduating nearly 80% this year and almost all of them headed to college. >> i never thought i would be a graduate of 2010, and i have a glass ring. all of it is overwhelming. >> reporter: christopher washington is one of the biggest success stories. he has been in and out of jail seven times for drugs and fighting, but after a new crop
6:43 am
of teachers came in this year, encouragement sparked him to get back on track. >> i am trying to live life and school. i have people at school supporting me. >> the 2010 valedictorian, mr. smiley. >> reporter: when he enrolled in college this fall, he is the first in his family to go to college. >> i believe in you. the president of the united states of amera believes in you. >> reporter: as the graduates step out in the real world, mrs. obama asked them to remember how hard it was to get to the moment and also encouraged those that are still in anacostia to duplicate their success. >> it was the first high school
6:44 am
commencement address mrs. obama delivered this spring. more than 166 seniors got their diplomas. that's the first time i have seen that happen. >> yeah, pretty cute. a cool start now, but change is coming. >> yes, we are warming up and the humidity on the way up. if you have naturally curly hair, that will be on the way up. we have your full forecast straight ahead this early
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we're following breaking news in the indian ocean appear french ship rescued the teenager stranded in choppy water there. abby sunderland issued a distressed signal thursday after the waves snapped the mast on her boat. just minutes ago her father confirmed rescue officials have contacted him with the news of his daughter's rescue. we will have more of this on the "today" show, including a live interview with abby's parents. if you are headed to tyson's corner today or tomorrow, give yourself plenty of time, 123
6:48 am
roads are closed at the beltway. crews are taking down part of the bridge. police are on hand to direct traffic around the construction. work should be completed in time for the monday morning commute. heads up for metro riders. can you expect 30-minute delays on two different lines this weekend. one on the orange line. tracks are closed between the east falls church and west falls church metro stations for the dellioa dulles metro product. and on the red line, trains are single tracking for bridge repair. >> basically stay away from all of northern virginia this weekend. and with the silver line, a lot of construction undergoing, so anyway. we have high humidity, and sunshine, and that will be good, and late-day storms firing up.
6:49 am
>> a mixed bag. >> yeah, we throw in 90s and it will feel like summer. at 6:48, i am here to tell you you need to prepare for a warm day. it's going to be complicated, because we are going to throw in a high humidity count. even though the temps might say 89, it will feel closer to 89, and that's how you have to dress. it's nice out there now. we still have 60s on the map. we can tolerate that. winds are out of the southeast at 8 miles per hour. the humidity, that's what is on the rise and that's why we are calling today affectionately, air you can wear today. here is what we are watching in the weather office. the higher heat and the higher humidity. the goal today is 89. 90, the high temperature tomorrow. again, the high humidity will make it feel 5 to 10
6:50 am
temperatures warmer than the forecasted temperature. hagerstown, you are at 71. and also 71 at quantico. and then we are waking up to 64 in manassas, and 64, culpepper. showers and thunderstorms dre developing out here first in the afternoon. i would say after 3:00, 4:00, as we head into northern virginia, not too many storms for southern marlboro. here is the warm front. this is going to pave the way for the warmer air that is here today. it's here again tomorrow, and it's here again on monday with the stationary front nearby that will serve to lift the air and focus showers and thunderstorms just about every day for the next three days. then we will see an improvement
6:51 am
as we head towards my pick of the week, which is tuesday. late-day storms especially this evening. we will ease back into the 70s at about 9:00. and then as we look ahead towards the extended forecast, hot tomorrow and again for monday. a good bet for showers and thunderstorms. tuesday is looking good. 84, partly cloudy with lows near 70. and then thursday and friday also are looking good. the average high by the end of next week is up around 85, and we will be close to that as we think about the weather forecast. >> thank you. the time is 6:51. there is still more news for today after the break, including a bizarre story. >> a man is crushed by a buffalo head. >> he can't move. >> he couldn't move. the 911 call that all started with a buffalo head.
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the search continues this morning for the man that killed a straight trooper. police are looking for the man in the blue shirt seen in this surveillance video. they believe he was a disorderly customer that would not pay his bill at a forestville
6:55 am
applebee's, and he was escorted out of the restaurant by trooper wesley brown. minutes later police believe the same man returned and shot and killed trooper brown. a press conference scheduled for 9:00 this morning. we will bring you the details during "news4 today" at 9:00 a.m. 6:55 now. we turn to sports and nationals fall to familiar faces. and the world cup arrives. here is dan hellie with your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. baseball is kind of a funny game. last season austin kerns batted below .200, and this season he is cleveland's best player, and he beat his own teammates by himself. and then manny says he is happy as manager of the tribe. and maybe this is why.
6:56 am
he serves it up to the aforementioned, kerns. kerns says crunch, and that one is gone. three-run shot puts the indians up 3-1. and then in the bottom of the fourth, still 3-1, cleveland. and this time the bases are empty, but this is a kerns' special. he makes it 4-1. and kerns going for his third homer of the evening. this one to a slightly different shot. and at the last minute, in comes morgan to make the catch at the wall. both players okay despite the collision. in the end, the celebration would be all indians as they beat the nationals 7-2. more enturnere interleague play.
6:57 am
this little guy really enjoying the game and checking out dad's sunglasses. tries them on and then tries to eat them. not always good with sunglasses. and then carter, he says get out of the park. carter's first career major league home run. mets up 4-1. and that's all he would need. and he strikes out eight orioles in seven innings of work. college football now. it's official. major conference realignments are imminent. and also imminent a decision from the michigan state basketball coach. he has been offered the coaching job of the cavaliers, but may not have lebron back.
6:58 am
and then the u.s. opens this afternoon with a highly anticipated match-up with england. big screen in dupont circle. check that out. the host country is hosting mexico. south africa gets it out on a break and gets the ball to the shoot of shab alala. the celebration is on. the coach is loving it. and in the nfl, you would be fined for that. and it's not the nfl, it's the world cup. this is a special event. and this guy waits and fires past the south of a rafrican ke.
6:59 am
it produces a 1-1 draw between mexico and the host country, south africa. that's more morning sports. i am dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. >> american sports don't like that. it's a die, but then you get points for wins, losses and ties, so the point system works out in the end. a florida man is attacked by a stuffed animal. >> take a listen to this. >> you said you are trapped or drunk? >> you heard him right. a buffalo head fell on this guy. he was asleep in the chair under the mounted water buffalo head when it fell. he was able to reach the phone with one hand to call police. friends helped harris repair the damage and they got rid of the water buffalo there.


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